Technology by TEMA Ltd.

The DMNG RACK180 incorporates in a compact 1U rack-mount chassis the same hardware and software core as the industry-leading DMNG PRO180 and embeds 8 x 3G/4G modems, 1 x Wi-Fi modem and 2 x best-in-class H.264 video encoders.


Thanks to AVIWEST's SafeStreams® technology and its intelligent bonding stack, the DMNG RACK180 expands the newsgathering vehicle's capabilities by taking advantage of both satellite and cellular networks in various scenarios:


  • Broadcast live video or recorded files over bonded cellular networks while driving.
  • Ensure transmission resiliency by using bonded cellular connections as a seamless back-up to satellite when weather conditions or congested networks make the satellite bandwidth fluctuate.
  • Increase the overall transmission capacity by bonding all together satellite and cellular network connections.
  • The DMNG RACK180 has 8 SMA antenna connectors on its rear panel to plug 2 AVIWEST wideband external cellular antenna arrays that can be easily installed on the roof of vehicle.


    The QUAD antennas are designed to strenghen the signal transmission in critical environment such as live from crowed areas or transmission on the move.


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