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EN8090 Series MPEG-4 AVC HD Encoders

EN8090 MPEG-4 AVC Encoder



EN8090 серия е второ поколение MPEG-4 AVC HD енкодери на TANDBERG Television. Изградена върху доказаната работа и оперативна съвместимост на  EN5990, серия EN8090 е печалившия избор за всяка броадкаст система.

Базирана върху интелигентна компресираща платформа от последно поколение, серия EN8030 изкрава ефикасността при кодиране до нови нива на съвършенство, осигурявайки най-доброто качество на картината при най-ниски скорости. Серия EN8090 използва напредничави методи за аудио кодиране, с което се постига поразително добро качество на звука при нисък бит-рейт.

Този продукт е изключително подходящ за оператори, стартиращи нови HD услуги, като:

  • Сателитни DTH
  • Наземна цифрова телевизия
  • TV върху DSL
  • Кабелна TV
  • VOD производства

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High definition TV can enable operators to competitively differentiate their service offering to consumers, but MPEG-2 based HDTV services can consume a substantial amount of transmission bandwidth making some business cases unattractive. The use of the EN8090 series can substantially
reduce the bandwidth required to broadcast HDTV, enabling:

  • 2 or more HD channels in a digital terrestrial transmission channel where previously only one has been possible
  • Increased number of channels on an existing satellite or cable TV network
  • Enabling HD services to be offered on some ADSL networks, where MPEG-2 HDTV services can’t be delivered in the available data rate with acceptable quality
  • MPEG-4 AVC video encoding
    • Main Profile @ Level 4.0
    • High Profile @ Level 4.0
  • MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile @ Level 3 video encoding
    • Allows an EN8090 to act as an SD spare in a mixed SD/HD system
  • VANC data extraction
  • Video encoding
  • HD-SDI video input
  • Best possible picture quality from 1.0 Mbps to 20 Mbps
  • Multiple resolutions and frame rates from 720p50 up to 1080i30
  • Support for Reflex™ statistical multiplexing
  • SDI and composite PAL/NTSC video input for SD modes
  • 0.250 Mbps to 10 Mbps SD operation
  • Audio encoding
    • Digital, analog and HD-SDI embedded inputs
    • MPEG-1 Layer II or Dolby® Digital (AC-3) stereo
    • Pass-through Dolby® Digital 5.1
  • Precisely controlled output bit-rate for simplified network planning in xDSL networks
  • MPEG-2 transport stream output (ASI)
  • Control and monitoring via Web browser, front panel or nCompass Control
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet IP output with optional SMPTE 2022 ProMPEG FEC
  • Audio Option Module to support AAC encoding of 4 stereo pairs or 5.1 surround sound
  • Clarus™ pre-processing
    • Professional noise reduction
    • Input deblocking filter
  • MPEG-2 AAC-LC stereo and 5.1 audio
  • MPEG-4 AVC HE-AAC stereo and 5.1 audio encoding, including HE-AAC v2 stereo
  • Quad phase aligned MPEG-1 Layer II audio for surround sound contribution
  • Picture-in-Picture service generation
  • Support for SCTE 35 digital program insertion controlled by SCTE 104
  • Integrated MPEG-2 SD video encoding option
    • 0.256-15 Mbps for MP@ML
    • Includes MPEG-2 performance upgrade
    EN8092 model
    • 2RU version with front panel confidence monitoring features
    • Greater upgrade flexibility with 4 option slots
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